Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa Review

hotel paradisus varadero beach

Address: Punta Francés, Varadero

Varadero Reviews Opinions Ultimate high roller hotel, Sumptuous accommodations, VIP sensation 24/7 

In the case of Hotels in Varadero,Hotel Paradisus Varadero IS IT, the pinnacle, the best the most luxurious. No excuses. Many pretenders have emerged on the market offering royal suites, presidential bungalows or whatever other cool name they can conjure but NONE compare to the Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa considered the mother of all hotels in Varadero. Strong words? Well, try visiting this Eden of absolute perfectness.

Such exotic accommodations come as price though and the Hotel Paradisus Varadero is by no means cheap. However, compared to such offerings in other locations around the Caribbean, this hotel is the deal of the century. Even though this hotel has a total of 510 rooms it feels like there´s just one “yours”. Yes, the attention to detail and absolute service provided by its staff is unreal and borderline inconceivable. With more staff per guest than any other hotel in the region, the staff overheads of this place must be colossal. Yes, you guessed it; hotel Paradisus will make you feel very special all day, every day. So special in fact that you won´t want to return to reality. Many guests don´t and return time and time again. You see there´s strength in numbers and, in the case of Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa, it’s the sheer number of people waiting upon your every need that makes the difference. Don´t visit this hotel if you are on a diet. The hotel has 7 restaurants in total all of which are simply world class. Difficult to find better “anywhere” and that’s regardless of the hype or spin. The RS restaurant offers a bewildering range of international cuisine. The buffet, if you can rethink your idea of a “buffet” and add “fine dining” to the definition, is called the Ara and, even if this was the only restaurant at the Paradisus you´d probably be happy but, there are more, like the Stella di Mare Italian, Turey Gourmet Restaurant, Japanese Sakura restaurant, El Chiringuito Grill, Caribbean Restaurant and even the Carabo beach bar serves great fast food. Yes, these 7 restaurants are simply outstanding and you´ll not find better in Varadero or maybe Cuba, at least not all in one place. When people say “you don´t go to Cuba for the food” then those people have not been fortunate enough to stay at the Paradisus Varadero Resort, that we are sure.

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Then there are bars, and lots of them, 7 to be exact. The Cusubi Lobby Bar is a 24 hour place, the Areíto Fun Pub opens early evening until 2am, the TOA swim up bar stays open all day until 6pm, Cabin style Carabo beach bar again until 6pm, Cairi snack bar and finally, the royal guest only RS lobby and Pool bars.

The rooms are simply galactic in all senses, beautifully decorated, ideally located and pristinely maintained they range from the lowly? 200 USD per night right up to 1500 USD per night for the all conquering butler equipped, Garden villas with Royal service. There is simply no logical summary of these rooms that will prepare you for what you will receive, so we´ll leave it at that.

Pool? Well how about 2400 square meters of pool? Yet another separate pool is dedicated exclusively to water games and entertainment. Kids also have areas not near adults and some rooms have pool access right from the balcony.

hotel paradisus varadero

The entertainment at Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa is sublime, world-class and professionally deployed. It oozes grace and specialness often absent in hotels these days.

Taken as a whole, if Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort is within your price range and you´re going to Varadero, it’s one of those hotels you simply cannot “NOT GO TO” its simply that good.

Hotel PARADISUS Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero

Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero

Calle 31 #103 e/ 1ra y 3ra Ave., Varadero, Cuba

The team ate at Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero and met with the owner Yoel. He did not know we were from but, was openly dealing with diners and offering his hospitality to all. We ordered Chicken Alfredo, and the appetizer served with it was very “al la carte”. The Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero offered a nice mix of international cuisine from Mexican to even Japanese! All of which, from what we saw being served, was generous portions and well presented. We stayed for over an hour and had several drinks. Particularly creative is the one-menu-for-all which is a wall mounted chalk board as shown in the picture. As you can see the selection is pretty vast.

Review Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero

All of the guests we encountered left empty plates and appeared to be enjoying the dining experience. One Canadian couple knew the owner and appeared to be a regular customer, which is always a good sign. Overall, our meal for two at Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero worked out at 33CUC (about $35 or 27 euros) and for that we had a starter, one main dish and drinks throughout (Wine, Beer & water).

Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero review

Paladar Salsa Suarez Varadero offers great value for those looking to experience the local Cuban´s. help the local economy and above all, get out of their all-inclusive buffet for at least one meal.

Brisas del Caribe Varadero Review



Address: Carretera Las Morlas Km 12 1/2, Varadero, Cuba

Varadero Reviews OpinionsDowntown Location, Beach & Amenities, Great for kids or elderly, Stellar Buffet choice

Brisas del Caribe is located on the famed beach of Varadero an is an all inclusive resort. Having attained a Cuban 4 stars and with 444 rooms the resort is by no means small but manages to reduce its size due to the personal and welcoming staff. For a long time a favorite with couples and honeymoon guests, the hotel offers a nice blend of economic pricing and excellent value for money. The dinner buffet is truly out of this world with shrimp, freshly grilled chicken, roast leg of pork, grilled snapper, steaks and a massive array of salads: tomato, avocado, carrot, lettuce, etc. Several types of sweets, ice cream flavors to die for…. In short, Brisas del Caribe Varadero is famous amongst returning guests for its excellent food assortment.


The hotel is split into two areas, Brisas del Norte and Brisas del Sur both areas have separate pools, Brisas del Sur being the deepest of the two, the other has a nice swimming pool for children which naturally attracts youngsters to one pool and adults to the other. Each area also has a large Jacuzzi pool. The rooms are simple but clean and well maintained, excellent for a good night’s rest and offering multiple international TV channels, minibar and excellent air-conditioning.

BRISAS DEL CARIBE Varadero rooms


Of course, the main reason to visit Brisas del Caribe is the beach and what a beach. Due to the hotels location on the Varadero peninsula it has one of the nicest beaches of the whole area.

BRISAS DEL CARIBE Varadero beach

 The sea is shallow until further out than hotels further down the peninsula making the beach ideal for younger children or the elderly. Close to the main strip in Varadero you can also venture out regularly and take leisurely walks to the local handcraft and artisan fairs, shops and boutiques. Unlike hotels at the further end of Varadero the Brisas del Caribe is ideally located.

Hotel BRISAS DEL CARIBE Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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Hotel Tuxpan Varadero Review

Tuxpan Varadero

Address: Carretera Las Americas, Varadero, Cuba

Varadero Reviews OpinionsA Varadero Classic, Cubanacan management, Recent Facelift, Brilliant Staff & entertainment team

Hotel Tuxpan is one of Varadero´s classic hotels that have been on the preferred vacation list for many years. Way before Varadero became the iconic destination it is now, he Hotel Tuxpan, originally managed by an Italian travel company through the 90´s, has now returned to 100% Cuban management under the Cubanacan brand. Due to its age, the staff runs the resort extremely well, some having been there for over 3 decades and, this itself, shows through in the attentiveness to guests. Entirely remodeled some years ago, the hotel boasts; mini club facilities, games areas, Buffet Restaurants and “ A la Carte” restaurants, Lobby Bar, Beach Bar, Pool Bar, Piano Bar, Bar, Snack bar with snack service 24 hours a day, Grill, Daily and nightly entertainment activities, live shows. Other services available include; Massage service, Minibar, Shops, bicycle rental, laundry services, Currency exchange, Special dinner menus and selected international wine cellar and onsite doctor service.

Tuxpan Varadero pool

The Hotel Tuxpan in Varadero is especially good for families with children as it offers some of the best entertainment services in the whole of Varadero. These include usually “extra cost” kids lessons in sailing, surfing, canoes, pedal boats, catamarans apart from the habitual poolside games of darts, table tennis and pool activities.

Tuxpan Varadero Beach

Due to its central location, just at the end of the Varadero strip, Hotel Tuxpan offers excellent walking access to the town and is just 100M from the famous Josone Park, kids amusement arcades and the handcraft markets of Varadero.

The rooms are very well appointed with excellent views of the luscious and well matured gardens of resort. The higher floor rooms offering amazing sea views and panoramic views of Varadero. As an all inclusive resort, the rates are extremely reasonable despite this not being visible in the food or service provided.

Tuxpan Varadero Rooms

The buffet offers and amazing assortment of dishes including all types of meats, fish, poultry and even prawns. Special menus (payable) are available which offer exquisite lobster meals or high grade sirloin meats with internationally renowned wines also available for a little extra.

Situated right on the beach the hotel boasts a privileged position due to it being one of the first hotels in Varadero and as such very close to the town center, unlike some of the newer hotels which have become quite remote as Varadero has expanded.

The Hotel Tuxpan is a venerable old classic which receives 1000´s of return visitors each year due to its simple ambience and highly efficient staff.

Hotel TUXPAN Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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Bellevue Sunbeach Varadero Review

Bellevue Sunbeach Varadero

Address: Calle 17 e/ 1ra y 3ra, Varadero, Cuba.

Varadero Reviews Opinions Amazing Value, Central Varadero Location, Sublime Beach, Cheap & Clean

HOTEL BELLEVUE SUNBEACH all-inclusive in Varadero is one of Varadero´s economy hotels. Low on price but big on fun the hotel makes no exclusives for its budget title. Offering 272 rooms of which 106 have balconies overlooking the white Varadero beach, the hotel provides excellent value for money which being a full all-inclusive resort. Of course, at this price point top shelf spirits or 5 star lobster meals are not on the menu but, the hotel Sunbeach plays it fair and offers an all-round excellent service for the price. Located near to the Varadero Las Americas shopping Plaza guests are spoilt for choice with things to do whether it be on or off resort.

Bellevue Sunbeach Varadero Pool

All rooms are just 60m from the amazing Varadero Beach and offer sitting room, private bathroom, telephone, minibar and satellite TV. Daily maid service leaves rooms spotless and pool towels are offered at the pool area. If you have friends at the Acuazul, Club Amigo Tropical, Barlovento or Islazul La Mar you´re in luck as all are less than a few minutes away. Getting to HOTEL BELLEVUE SUNBEACH from Varadero Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport is rather easy and is just 20KMs away.

Bellevue Sunbeach Varadero

The hotel is ideal from younger guests because the entertainment team really make things happen at BELLEVUE SUNBEACH. There´s never a quiet moment with lots of activities going on at all times including the usual pool games for which this resort has grown famous. As a budget conscious hotel with all-inclusive benefits of other hotels in Varadero the HOTEL BELLEVUE SUNBEACH is worth every cent of its low price.

Hotel BELLEVUE SUNBEACH Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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Nonna Tina Paladar Varadero

Paladar Nonna Tina Varadero

Address: Calle 38 #5 entre 1ra y Playa, Varadero, Varadero, Cuba

The team ate at Paladar Nonna Tina Varadero, the antipasto, focaccia al rosmarino and Pizzas were just like those we had some years ago in San Remo Italy! The main dish of spaghetti with garlic and oil was superb and they had fresh parmesan cheese, very hard to find in Cuba. One of our guests had the delicious pizza with mushrooms and prosciutto and once again, this was massive and perfectly made.

paladar nonna tina varadero

They have a great assortment of drinks and aperitifs too. Service is fast and professional! Prices are so cheap compared to Cuban government restaurants we´ve tried and the portions are quite big.

On our second visit in July, we tried the Margarita Pizza and Pork Cannelloni which was awesome. They’d made some seating changes, including more chairs on the outside terrace which created an excellent atmosphere and lowered the sound levels on this busy day for them. We will go back to Paladar Nonna Tina Varadero the next we’re in Varadero.

Paladar Nonna Tina Varadero

As most of you will be in Varadero on an all inclusive package, if you decide to wander down the beach one day and into Varadero Town, then Paladar Nonna Tina Varadero is cheap but excellent option for a quick meal that won´t break the bank.

Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa Review

Paradisus Princesa del Mar Garden

Address: Autopista Sur , Ctra. Las Morlas, KM 19 ½

Varadero Reviews Opinions True Hospitality Excellence, Sublime Rooms, Amazing Beach, VIP resort amenities

Located right at the end of Varadero peninsula en an exclusive zone for high level hotels, the 5 star Paradisus Princesa del Mar stands alone in its majestic setting. To get an idea what the Paradisus brand is for Melia you need to imagine absolute perfectness and exclusivity. Like its bigger brother Paradisus Varadero, the Paradisus Princesa del Mar offers similar traits but is limited to over 18´s. With 630 accommodations, divided into specific segments and price ranges, with major differences in price being seen in Sea View and Royal Service. The hotel is divided into 388 Junior Suites with a further 50 Junior Suites offering tremendous Ocean Views. Then there´s the 24 Deluxe suites divided in half with 12 Romance and 12 standard décor. The 36 Junior Suite with Royal Service are divided into 16 with the Romance décor and 20 with standard. Royal service is a type of private butler service who arranges every aspect of your stay personally. Finally, there´s the 8 Master Junior Suite Romance Royal Service, 24 Junior Suite Ocean View Royal Service, 20 Royal Service SWIM-UP Pool Junior Suite, 10 Royal Service SWIM-UP Pool Master Junior Suite, 28 Suite with Royal Service , 28 Luxury Suite with Royal Service, 2 Master Suite Royal Service , 2 Presidential Suite with Royal Service. Yes, that’s a lot of prices, room types and levels of service. In effect, the major divisions are room size, royal service (or not) and room décor. For those rooms without the private swim up bars, there are 3 massive resort pools with no less than 7 whirlpool Jacuzzis. It’s pretty easy to find a quiet place to hang out due to the oversized layout of both the resort itself and the pools.

Paradisus Princesa del Mar Private pool

Particularly attractive and unique to this hotel is the Health & Wellness center which offers a myriad of pampering from Sauna areas, steam baths, icy plunge pool, health & beauty treatments to private massages. The royal palm tree lines entrance offers a glimpse of what guests will experience as the impressive entrance reminds you of the entrance to a noble palace. The resort is constructed in line with recent tastes, offering low one and two level separate dwellings spread across a pristine exotic backdrop. Photos of Paradisus Princesa del Mar don´t do justice to the absolute splendor of the place and, seeing is definitely believing, when you arrive. Even aerial photos of Paradisus Princesa del Mar don´t portray the sensation one gets when wandering around this mammoth resort. Rooms are equally impressive with tall ceilings and first class décor which (if this was possible) is even implausibly better in the more expensive “romance” sections. If the cost is no object to you and you have no children then the Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort is as about as good as it gets in Cuba, and then some. The hotels size seems to be at odds with the general sensation one gets when staying here, on one hand there are 630 accommodations but on the other, there´s an uncanny sentiment of solitude. The architects of this resort seem to have done a brilliant job of dividing the property at angles and sporadically so that each separate dwelling feels decidedly private. Of course, to bring this experience into stellar proportions, you need only request the Royal Service which includes private and personal staff who will tend to and organize every aspect of your stay as if you´re royalty (hence the name).

Paradisus Princesa del Mar concierge

Eating at the Hotel Paradisus Princesa del Mar is also heavenly. This is not the typical hype but truly astounding food, all day, every day, and all the time. The most basic meals (which are exquisite) are served at the Gran Terraza buffet. A good place to start your eating experience at the hotel and also see fellow guests, the selection and variety is quite simply excellent. Venturing away from the buffet there´s the Port Royal Beach Grill which besides offering the typical high level meat cuts of T-Bone, sirloin and filet steaks, there´s also the chicken and pork, all of which is great. Salads at this Beach restaurant are brilliant offering a side dish from heaven. A little more formal are the aptly named “Marseille” French restaurant and the “Firenze” Italian restaurant both of which transport you to these European nations for some startlingly creative meals. And, for guests seeking Asian flair, there´s the delights of the Sakura, Japanese teppanyaki restaurant and the Bamboo, Chinese restaurant both, again, simply outstanding. Finally, there´s the Barbecue restaurant which, despite facing fierce competition from the prior, rustles up some tasty meals with some divine bbq sauces. There´s one restaurant left which is called the Hill Top Hideaway which is reserved for Royal Service guests only. As can be imagined, this restaurant pulls out all the stops and even prepares meals requested specifically by guests in advance along with a broad menu of varies European cuisine from 21 countries.

Paradisus Princesa del Mar room

Staying at the Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort is something to be cherished, the service, the food and the accommodations are at such astronomic levels of excellence that only staying here will properly detail the exquisite nature in which this hotel is run.

Hotel PARADISUS PRINCESA DEL MAR Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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