Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero

Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero review

Address: Calle 21 no.102, Varadero 42200, Cuba

The team ate at Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero which quaintly means “the pink cow”. We were offered a free drink while perusing the menu of white rum, milk, grenadine and crushed ice which was a perfect way to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant while we decided on our meal. We ordered bruschetta with melted cheese topping for our starter followed by a (very large) lobster and prawn pizza and another member of our crew had a steak with sautéed potatoes and Cuban black beans called frijoles. The pizza was big enough to serve two and was packed with large prawns and tender lobster. The steak was asked for “well done” and arrived a tad raw so we asked for another 2 minutes of the grill. The waitress happily obliged and within a few minutes it was back and perfect.

Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero

The owner “Even” even came over with it as probably a gesture and asked us if everything was now fine. A nice touch we thought.

After the meal we ordered two cappuccinos and asked for ice and a class, the waitress looked puzzled but brought them anyway. When then proceeded to make our own delicious iced coffee which was fantastic, especially with the real Cuban coffee the cappuccino was made from. The views from the terrace of Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero are idyllic so we sat and savored the sunset and ocean breeze. It was a perfect end to a memorable dining experience in Varadero. Total cost was 29 CUC ($32 or 22 euros) which we considered very reasonable.

Review Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero

If you are looking to get out of the cattle heard at your Varadero All-Inclusive we heartily recommend Paladar La Vaca Rosada Varadero.