Mansion Xanadu Varadero Review

Varadero reviews Jessica

Our Jessica Gutierrez from the Havana office of visited the Xanadu Mansion Varadero in September 2013 and this is her review of this historic ex-Dupont family home in Varadero.

Xanadu Mansion Varadero

The Xanadu Mansion Varadero shows you two things, first is that the Dupont family had taste, their ex-summer retreat and vacation home is beautifully built and high on one of the few hills in Varadero, offering dramatic views of the coastline and the whole peninsula of Varadero.

Xanadu Mansion Varadero interior

Xanadu Mansion Varadero is situated within the only 18-hole golf course in Cuba which was built in 1998 and which replaced the Dupont built 9 hole course built in 1933. The Dupont Mansion is located next to the Bella Costa Resort and just up the coast from the Tuxpan resort .

Xanadu Mansion Varadero Golf tournament

Today, the now Xanadu Golf Club can also be visited for an overnight stay in one of its 6 luxury rooms divided into 5 Double and 1 Single. If you fancy a round of golf with the family, then miniature golf is available just down the street at El Golfito, at the corner of the Avenida 1 and Calle 42.

Xanadu Mansion Varadero Golf

The Xanadu Mansion Varadero is worth a visit, especially if you incorporate it into a stroll down Varadero´s idyllic white sand beach as I did.

Jessica Gutierrez

Travelucion Review Team – Havana Cuba