Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa Review

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Address: Punta Francés, Varadero

Varadero Reviews Opinions Ultimate high roller hotel, Sumptuous accommodations, VIP sensation 24/7 

In the case of Hotels in Varadero,Hotel Paradisus Varadero IS IT, the pinnacle, the best the most luxurious. No excuses. Many pretenders have emerged on the market offering royal suites, presidential bungalows or whatever other cool name they can conjure but NONE compare to the Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa considered the mother of all hotels in Varadero. Strong words? Well, try visiting this Eden of absolute perfectness.

Such exotic accommodations come as price though and the Hotel Paradisus Varadero is by no means cheap. However, compared to such offerings in other locations around the Caribbean, this hotel is the deal of the century. Even though this hotel has a total of 510 rooms it feels like there´s just one “yours”. Yes, the attention to detail and absolute service provided by its staff is unreal and borderline inconceivable. With more staff per guest than any other hotel in the region, the staff overheads of this place must be colossal. Yes, you guessed it; hotel Paradisus will make you feel very special all day, every day. So special in fact that you won´t want to return to reality. Many guests don´t and return time and time again. You see there´s strength in numbers and, in the case of Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa, it’s the sheer number of people waiting upon your every need that makes the difference. Don´t visit this hotel if you are on a diet. The hotel has 7 restaurants in total all of which are simply world class. Difficult to find better “anywhere” and that’s regardless of the hype or spin. The RS restaurant offers a bewildering range of international cuisine. The buffet, if you can rethink your idea of a “buffet” and add “fine dining” to the definition, is called the Ara and, even if this was the only restaurant at the Paradisus you´d probably be happy but, there are more, like the Stella di Mare Italian, Turey Gourmet Restaurant, Japanese Sakura restaurant, El Chiringuito Grill, Caribbean Restaurant and even the Carabo beach bar serves great fast food. Yes, these 7 restaurants are simply outstanding and you´ll not find better in Varadero or maybe Cuba, at least not all in one place. When people say “you don´t go to Cuba for the food” then those people have not been fortunate enough to stay at the Paradisus Varadero Resort, that we are sure.

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Then there are bars, and lots of them, 7 to be exact. The Cusubi Lobby Bar is a 24 hour place, the Areíto Fun Pub opens early evening until 2am, the TOA swim up bar stays open all day until 6pm, Cabin style Carabo beach bar again until 6pm, Cairi snack bar and finally, the royal guest only RS lobby and Pool bars.

The rooms are simply galactic in all senses, beautifully decorated, ideally located and pristinely maintained they range from the lowly? 200 USD per night right up to 1500 USD per night for the all conquering butler equipped, Garden villas with Royal service. There is simply no logical summary of these rooms that will prepare you for what you will receive, so we´ll leave it at that.

Pool? Well how about 2400 square meters of pool? Yet another separate pool is dedicated exclusively to water games and entertainment. Kids also have areas not near adults and some rooms have pool access right from the balcony.

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The entertainment at Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa is sublime, world-class and professionally deployed. It oozes grace and specialness often absent in hotels these days.

Taken as a whole, if Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort is within your price range and you´re going to Varadero, it’s one of those hotels you simply cannot “NOT GO TO” its simply that good.

Hotel PARADISUS Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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