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Address: Carretera Las Morlas Km 12 1/2, Varadero, Cuba

Varadero Reviews OpinionsDowntown Location, Beach & Amenities, Great for kids or elderly, Stellar Buffet choice

Brisas del Caribe is located on the famed beach of Varadero an is an all inclusive resort. Having attained a Cuban 4 stars and with 444 rooms the resort is by no means small but manages to reduce its size due to the personal and welcoming staff. For a long time a favorite with couples and honeymoon guests, the hotel offers a nice blend of economic pricing and excellent value for money. The dinner buffet is truly out of this world with shrimp, freshly grilled chicken, roast leg of pork, grilled snapper, steaks and a massive array of salads: tomato, avocado, carrot, lettuce, etc. Several types of sweets, ice cream flavors to die for…. In short, Brisas del Caribe Varadero is famous amongst returning guests for its excellent food assortment.


The hotel is split into two areas, Brisas del Norte and Brisas del Sur both areas have separate pools, Brisas del Sur being the deepest of the two, the other has a nice swimming pool for children which naturally attracts youngsters to one pool and adults to the other. Each area also has a large Jacuzzi pool. The rooms are simple but clean and well maintained, excellent for a good night’s rest and offering multiple international TV channels, minibar and excellent air-conditioning.

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Of course, the main reason to visit Brisas del Caribe is the beach and what a beach. Due to the hotels location on the Varadero peninsula it has one of the nicest beaches of the whole area.

BRISAS DEL CARIBE Varadero beach

 The sea is shallow until further out than hotels further down the peninsula making the beach ideal for younger children or the elderly. Close to the main strip in Varadero you can also venture out regularly and take leisurely walks to the local handcraft and artisan fairs, shops and boutiques. Unlike hotels at the further end of Varadero the Brisas del Caribe is ideally located.

Hotel BRISAS DEL CARIBE Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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