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Address: Parque Natural de Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

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Melia Peninsula Varadero is the new name of the Tryp Peninsula Varadero Hotel but, this is not a simple name change we will have you know. This hotel has undergone a two year transformation bringing it back to modern 5 star standards. Rooms have undergone a total refurbishment (2013) along with modernized TV´s and TV signal, more channels, new bathrooms and added room features. Two new restaurants have also been added to the a la carte list Japanese Sakura, and French Le Bistro, raising to five the specialized restaurants in the hotel. Therefore, the hotel now offers no less than five different food options. But, the old Tryp Peninsula Varadero was probably one of Varadero´s best resorts for many reasons and this update and renaming to Melia Peninsula Varadero can only mean that the best just got even better.

Melia Peninsula Varadero rooms

Melia Peninsula Varadero has a lot of rooms, in fact 586 Double rooms, 5 sumptuous Suites and 20 small colonial style bungalows with up to 3 floors. Yes, this is large hotel but, the land area this hotel covers is enormous. The main reason why so many rooms can be offered in just 2 storey cabana type buildings is to spread these liberally over the whole plot and, that is what Melia has done with this hotel. The privacy and mini colonial style buildings littered around the grounds mean that it’s more like a small village than a hotel complex. Of course, distances between areas can be a bonus or a drawback depending on your idea of the ideal hotel but, for our tastes, the Melia Peninsula in Varadero is an icon, probably one of the best if not THE BEST hotel in the whole of Varadero. Why such a lofty claim? Well, first of all, it’s the spaciousness that makes this Varadero resort unique, seldom does so much land get used on one property. Secondly, the amenities are perfectly spread out; the kid’s area is divine with slides and a castle in the kids pool which is only knee deep. The reception is vast colonial style building with wooden rafters, piano bar and sofas surrounding a central garden and water feature. You cross a bridge over a beautiful lake complete with carps and other freshwater creatures to access the main buffet, the beach is also ideally located. It’s just so right, it’s hard to put this into words. However, if you or anyone in your group is of limited mobility then take note, this resort which was a great place to stroll, quickly becomes a big obstacle course. On the other hand, the flat pathways make wandering or moving around in a wheelchair a synch. In essence; its vastness is both a delight and refreshing.

Melia Peninsula Varadero Beach

The food at this hotel is another strong point. Of course, at a 5 star hotel one expects excellent quality and, Melia Peninsula Varadero provides this at any one of the 5 eateries onsite. The main buffet called Palma Real, reachable from reception and also via the aforementioned bridge, is the main breakfast, lunch and dinner eating area. A la carte restaurants are the La Gondola (near the beach) which offers excellent Italian cuisines, the La Laguna which offers a variety of international dishes which make it hard to place a name on the food region but it’s all good. The Mexican Restaurant called Tocororo is a great choice if you enjoy this type of food but certain dishes are quite spicy. The final two restaurants are the Sakura Japanese restaurant and the stellar French restaurant called Le Bistro. An amazing assortment of restaurants and food from various continents mean you are going to enjoy eating (a lot) at Varadero Melia Peninsula.

Varadero´s Melia Peninsula also offers pretty amazing entertainment both day and night. World class shows emerge from the amphitheatre located right next to the buffet restaurant. You will no doubt be surprised by the absolute dedication demonstrated by every member of the entertainment team.

Melia Peninsula Varadero Restaurant Buffet

If you´ve read this to here you will know that we adored the Tryp Peninsula Varadero and are simply overwhelmed by the new improved, renamed Melia Peninsula Varadero, it’s just one of those places where the sum of its parts is greater than the whole, truly outstanding and well, well recommended.

Hotel MELIA PENINSULA Varadero is one of the few hotels that do not require prepayment or deposit to Book.

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